"Well, another great Coffeehouse concert featuring Manitoba country singer Diana Desjardins! She has natural charm, a strong lovely voice and is a talented, seasoned, songwriter. I hope that more people discover this talented lady. Diana has been featured on Made in Manitoba, co-written with a number of Nashville songwriters, has been performing for quite a number of years, and still seems to me to be one of Manitoba's "hidden gems". I hope that it won't be for long because this lady is too talented!"

Gerry Maksymyk - William Glesby Centre
“This weekend on Made in Manitoba, Diana Desjardins. Hear her original songs, that tell Diana's story of working her way up in the Canadian country music scene, travelling to Nashville, and recording a music video in the 90s - to having her daughter, and retreating from that side of the industry to focus on raising her family. Now, with the April 2012 release of "Pieces of Me", she finally gets to tell her story...”

Gabrielle Ogilvie - Made in Manitoba