About Diana


With an ability to sing power house songs by Carrie Underwood, deliver the sassy attitude of Miranda Lambert, and the sultry vocals of Shania Twain, Diana's versatility to cover many artists has helped her build a huge following through her years of work as a cover artist. Her live shows are where she shines with her powerful voice and dynamic stage show, keeping her audience on the dance floor or simply silent and they listen to the beautifully executed ballads and storytelling songs she so enjoys to deliver.

When it comes to her own material, Diana is a singer with a story to tell. And she's not done telling 'em!

So many winding paths and stops along the way, but the road she walks is definitely golden! A musical journey that started her off as a classical singer studying voice at the Brandon University school of music, with a few genre jumps from Rock to R & B - but all those detours still led her back to her Country roots. Diana was awarded the "New Talent Bursary Award" by MACA (now called Manitoba Country Music Association) when she first broke on the scene, and has continued to grow as an artist. With the help of some wonderful mentors and co-writers, Diana has realised her dream to become a valued songwriter, and she continues to hone her craft. Making many trips to Nashville, showcasing for record labels, and releasing her first full length album of original works, there have been so many highlights to her singer/songwriter career.

A diverse artist - Diana's album reflects a spectrum of works she's written throughout her career - revealing the depth of her inner spirit. But Diana's live performance, with her well tuned (no pun intended) band, continues to draw crowds, and has recruited many new fans wherever she goes! You don't want to miss out on this experience!